Pioneering Construction Technology:
How R.C. Stevens Improved Capabilities to Become an Industry Leader

IT and Technology Solutions for Construction Companies in Central Florida

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the construction industry, technology innovation plays a pivotal role in determining success. Even for stalwarts like R. C. Stevens, staying ahead in the digital age presents its challenges. The need for a specialized software solution, coupled with a proactive approach to IT infrastructure, drove them to seek an adept partner. Together, LEK Technology Consultants and R.C. Stevens embarked on a journey of technological advancement to ensure the company remains not just relevant, but a step ahead in the modern construction arena.

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R.C. Stevens Construction Company

R. C. Stevens Construction Co. has long been recognized for their excellence in delivering top-notch commercial construction services. They specialize in new construction and renovations, particularly focusing on design/build projects within the industrial, commercial, and healthcare sectors. As an integral part of Central Florida’s history for more than 95 years, R. C. Stevens Construction Co. consistently aims for the highest standards, maintaining their foundational values of integrity, quality, and innovation that have been deeply rooted since 1926.

The Challenge

As a leading construction firm, R.C. Stevens Construction Co. relies on specialized software tailored to their unique needs. They were in search of an IT partner proficient with this software, capable of ensuring its regular updates, and adept at fostering a proactive mindset in line with their own.

Our Solutions

Understanding the significance of R.C. Steven’s specialized software, our team at LEK delved deep into its functionalities to maximize its potential. Additionally, inspired by Tim’s emphasis on proactivity and prevention, we established robust emergency protocols and initiated regular backups to safeguard their servers and vital data.

Proactive Planning

“We have worked with LEK on proactive planning. Whether it’s our servers going down or a hurricane power outage, we are always prepared.”

Alleviate Stress

“My world is much more pleasant because I don’t have to stress about servers or our networks. The LEK team handles it all.”

Stay Ahead of Competitors

“The biggest thing that LEK does for me and my company is getting us ahead of the game.”

Headshot of Tim Keating

Tim Keating, President and Owner

Tim is the President and Owner of R.C. Stevens Construction Company. He has over 37 years of experience in building excellence in and around Winter Garden, Florida. R.C. Stevens is qualified to design construct any type of project. He and his team offer all of the necessary resources to meet each client’s specific project needs.

“Corey and I meet frequently to discuss our needs, improvements, and updates. Because of this, I can confidently say that LEK is keeping us ahead of the competition.”

How can we help?

At LEK Technology Consultants, we free Orlando businesses from bad IT and transition them to IT solutions that support their growth goals. We bring our knowledge and experience to the table to help business leaders.

We become an extension of your IT department; you can focus on strategic business growth rather than getting caught up in the day-to-day tech operations

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