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Your Transition to Better IT

You deserve a technology partner who gets you.
One who listens and understands your business needs.

The #1 cause of business frustrations with IT is that the current solution just isn’t the right fit

When you’re working with the wrong people, your whole business suffers.

  • Learn the top 5 reasons businesses choose an outsourced partner.

  • Explore our weekly transition checklist to better IT and cybersecurity.

  • *Includes a New Provider Onboarding Plan*

As a business, technology is critical to your daily operations
Without it, you’re dead in the water

When you partner with LEK you can expect:

  • Minimal operational downtime

  • Security for personal data
  • Reliable and secure access to systems

  • Remote work capabilities

  • Industry regulatory compliance
  • A better solution than what you currently have

15 IT Provider Redflags

Not all solutions are created equal and crappy IT solutions happen more often that you might think

Communication and Collaboration

  • No system for communication
  • Cannot explain their processes
  • Failure to provide regular updates and status reports
  • Uses technical speak to talk around issues and concerns
  • Doesn’t communicate in plain language that is easily understood by clients

Service Solutions and Delivery

  • Failure to establish and adhere to effective processes
  • They can’t explain why things aren’t working
  • A rigid approach to solutions – no flexibility in responding to clients’ needs
  • Does not follow best practices
  • Does not incorporate client feedback and suggestions into their service delivery

Management and Execution

  • Takes too long to implement simple things or get things done
  • Response time – takes a long time to follow up on requests
  • No commitment to dates or timeline for projects
  • Pushing their own agenda
  • Prices are not aligned with known industry rates, lack of deliverables, or low quality solutions

You’ve identified a problem, what’s your next step?

Your IT provider should be responsive, committed, and have a structured process in place. If they are not meeting these basic requirements, it is time to re-evaluate your options.

It’s easy to work with us

We’ve been supporting Central Florida businesses with their IT and cybersecurity solutions since 1993

“They really are the best IT company I’ve ever come across. They know what they do, they care, and they’ll get the job done for you.”

– Kerry Postel, Owner/Founder at Abacus Business Solutions

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