Email Management Services

Get More Value Out of Your Email (and Fewer Headaches)

Your company depends on email daily for communication and collaboration. But are the massive amounts of data in your email messages secure enough against spam, phishing attacks, malware, and other cyber-threats?

Your email system should be an asset to your company — not a liability. LEK uses state-of-the-art filters to remove spam and malware from inbound and outbound email traffic before it causes big problems for your organization. With 24/7 monitoring by us, you can tend to your business without worrying about day-to-day email security or availability.

Benefits of Our Email Management Services:

  • Proactive protection against email-borne threats (e.g., worms & viruses)
  • Removal of spam and malware
  • Data encryption to protect your sensitive company information
  • Reliable email availability
  • Archiving of old emails to conserve server space, with easy access

LEK can help you set up and manage your organization’s email accounts on a hosted email server such as Microsoft Exchange. Email archiving is also available to help reduce the load on your servers while keeping important information easily accessible.

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