Data Backup and Recovery

Protect Your Mission-Critical Company Information

Malicious viruses… human error… natural catastrophes… your equipment and data are under constant threat. Data backups help prevent information loss that can cripple your business, allowing you to get back up and running quickly after a disaster.

Through our Data Backup and Recovery Services, LEK performs routine data backups that replicate your data to local storage devices as well as to multiple network operations centers across the country. You can be assured your information is safely encrypted in remote, highly secure facilities complete with backup power generation.

Data Restoration

Prolonged downtime is not in your business plan. Should the unexpected occur, LEK’s engineers are at the ready to recover and restore your data from the cloud with lightning speed, all while making sure the recovered data is fully viable and ready to use.

LEK’s Data Backup and Recovery Services give you the confidence of knowing your files, contacts, and other information are safe no matter what the future brings. Maximize uptime while reducing the financial risks associated with data loss.

LEK’s Data Backup and Recovery Services protect your data from:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Virus infection
  • Physical damage to equipment (e.g., fire or other disaster)
  • Equipment theft
  • Computer crashes
  • Human error

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