Cloud Computing Services

Streamline & Simplify Your IT Operations

The days of maintaining bulky, expensive servers in the workplace are nearing an end, thanks to cloud computing. This increasingly popular hosting option involves having your business servers “in the cloud” at a remote, highly secure, and completely redundant network operations center instead of on-site.

With your business applications hosted in the cloud and managed by LEK, you don’t have to deal with the “heavy lifting” of purchasing and maintaining costly hardware. Instead, you provision what you need to power your business — and only pay for what you use. There’s never been a faster, more flexible, or low-cost way to access IT resources.

Benefits of Our Cloud Computing Services:

  • No large up-front investment
  • Improved speed, performance, & reliability (less downtime)
  • Faster time-to-market for new applications
  • Flexibility to scale quickly to your business needs
  • Automated software updates
  • Work from anywhere with a web connection
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Faster data recovery following a loss or disaster
  • Reduced costs (hardware, energy consumption, & server maintenance)

Your customers and employees don’t care where your applications are hosted; they care about performance and dependability. From websites and blogs to software on demand, LEK’s Cloud Computing Services can significantly improve the end user experience, giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Need help migrating data from your local servers? LEK can assist you with this game-changing transition — then monitor and manage your servers in the cloud.

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